Fr. A. Agnel Samy HGN

Born in Perumanam, Tamil Nadu, South India

Philosophical Studies: St. John’s College of Philosophy, Kurnool. Regency: Formator at Heralds Minor Seminary, Kurukuru. Theological Studies: St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam.

Date and Place of Final Promise: 06-05-2009, Mary Queen of Apostles’ Province Minor Seminary, Trichy, Melavalady.

Other Ecclesiastical Studies Completed: Licentiate in Moral Theology, Sexual Ethics, Bangalore, DVK. Ecclesiastical Studies Currently Pursuing: Doctorate in Moral Theology, Virtue Ethics, Bangalore, DVK.

Date and Place of Priestly Ordination: 07-05-2010, Perumanam, Tamil Nadu, South India

Hobbies: Listening to and Composing Music, reading Books, Video Editing and Recording, and Playing Badminton and Cricket.

Personal Note:

I chose to follow Christ more closely through the missionary society of Heralds of Good News. The main purpose and vision of our congregation is to send hardworking, zealous and saintly priests wherever there is need. The motto of my priestly life is “to become all things to all people” through the inspiration of St. Paul’s letter to 1 Corinthians 9:22.

My very first assignment as a priest was in the National Shrine of St. Thomas Mount, where St. Thomas the Apostle was martyred and became a witness for Christ to our nation.

And then I was sent to do my Licentiate in moral theology, after which I was teaching in the seminary and at the same time was Secretary General of our congregation. Before coming to the USA, I was doing preliminary work for doctoral studies, and was associate pastor of Cathedral Parish (St. Francis Xavier Cathedral) in the Archdiocese of Bangalore.